Beginner Horseback Riding Introductory Clinic, Book a session by emailing. Cost is $100 plus gst,a riding lesson can be added for an additional $50 plus gst. cash cheque or etransfer for payment.


This Indoor Clinic is set up for any beginner riders from the ages of 5 to 105 wanting to take lessons at Sweet Talk Stables. It is also open to anyone who wants to learn basic horsemanship. The clinic consists of 4 sections over a couple hours including:

1)  Safey & Etiquette

2) Horse body Language catching and Leading

3) Parts of the Horse and grooming

4) Tack and Tacking up

to book your spot e-mail

5) You will be working with horses on the ground, it is optional to add a riding lesson at the end.

We find that children under the age of 10 need to take the course with a parent or guardian as they can not always do everthing on their own. The parent/guardian should be the person that will be bringing them to and helping them get ready for their lessons. We offer a Parent/Guardian and child price of $125 plus GST for the duo.

• Reglar Clinic Price, no lesson is $100 plus GST

• Clinic Price with lesson is $150 plus GST

We also offer group rates (schools, businesses, friends etc.) if you have a group of 4 or more contact Joyce.

Lessons run all year, and must be paid before the 25th of the month before or late fees will apply. We also now have Day time Horseback Riding lessons available.                  

Horse Shows and events comming up are:


2019 calendars are now for sale, This has the shows we will attend this season.

Gymkhanas will be the last sunday of each month unless otherwise  posted, come out and have some fun!

This is an “E” rated event, E stands for EVERYONE! Come out and join the fun. Sweet Talk Stables Gymkhanas are a great affordable way to improve your skills have some fun and make some new friends! • Stakes • Poles • Barrels • 1 Extra event • Ribbons to 6th place • $20 to compete $30 with lesson horse. Points towards the Buckle starting on jan 26th!


Keep an eye out for our monthly mini clinic with Frank Selinger.


Lesson Registration is open, We run lessons on a month to month base. Part leases are strongly recomended for the lesson program.

Horseback Riding Lesson at Sweet Talk Stables are in full gear! We have a great program to fit your needs. Our string of lease horses  can help you acheive your goals. If your a beginner make sure you book a Beginner Clinic. WE OFFER DROP IN LESSONS SATURDAY AT 11am, please let us know if you would like to join by friday night. Cost is $55. As the classes fill we continue to add a few new classes that are not yet listed on the website. Please contact Joyce for possible additional lesson times. Remember the weather is changing so dress appreopriately.


Check out multiple Newspaper articles about out students success!

Sweet Talk Stables big winners at Spruce Meadows Masters in the Battle of the Breeds! First in Driving, 2nd and 6th in Trail, 2nd and 6th in Barrels, 5th in Jumping!

Sweet Talk Stables Students Big Winners at the Spruce Meadows Spring Welcome Jumping Tournament, See the article in the Chestermere Anchor.


Sweet Talk Stables Professional Equestrian Photography Studio is PIC Sweet Talk.

If you are intersted in photos with your horse at your lessons or at shows please contact Dan. We also have quarterly Photo Days at Sweet Talk Stables for inside and outside clients. Check out all the pics and follow us at:  PICsweettalk you can also see us on Instagram


We have lots of Lesson horses available meet them in the gallery.

Horseback Riding Lessons: Your horse or ours

Lessons run all year and payments are made on a monthly basis, to be paid before the first of each month(or there will be a late charge of $10). You must be 5 years old to start lessons at Sweet Talk Stables. Lessons will run Monday through Thursday and Saturdays(see bottom of the page for schedule). Group lessons are one hour with around four people in a lesson. Lesson horses are available. Email Joyce to book.

If you can already catch, tack up, and walk, trot you can join lessons at any time, with out taking the introductory course.

Lesson Prices:

To make life much easier this year the price of lessons has been averaged, that way you don't have to worry if it's a 4 or 5 week month. The new minimum lesson package price per month is $210 at the one lesson per week. Riders that own their own horse or who are taking lessons more than once a week can contact Joyce regarding further discounts. Lessons must be paid before the first of each month to hold your spot (or their will be a late charge of $10). The "Ride In" option for parents, spouses, and significant others, if there is room and at the discression of the coach is $55 plus GST.

LESSONS DO NOT CARRY OVER to the next month if you miss a lesson(24 hours notice)you can arrange a make up lesson on a day other then your regular lesson day, please e-mail . THERE ARE NO REFUNDS after the first of the month as we cannot refill your spot till the next month.

2019 Camp information contact Joyce

Our Camps fill up fast so be sure to sign up to reserve your spot early.

Camp options include Beginner, Gymkhana or Hunter/Jumper.

For lessons please contact Sweet Talk Stables

Lesson Schedule and arena Availability:

  5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00-8:30









open arena




x rail



intermediate flat open arena






open arena



jumpers 3'+

jumpers 2'-2'6

inter flat


open arena



4-H 4-H

open arena

____Drop in only available to regular students


  9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00      





Drop in lessons







Lessons and Camps


The next Beginner Horseback Riding Clinic is Sunday Jan 6th at 12pm. Register for this clinic with Joyce


GYMKHANA! The next Gymkhana coming soon, come out and have some fun! This is an “E” rated event, E stands for EVERYONE! Come out and join the fun.
Sweet Talk Stables Gymkhanas are a great affordable way to improve your skills have some fun and make some new friends! • Stakes • Poles • Barrels • 1 Extra event • Ribbons to 6th place • $20 to compete $30 with lesson horse.