Sport Horses for Sale now located on Facebook

Horses for Sale Sweet Talk Stables is our new Facebook page, we are in the process of moving all of our Horses for Sale information to that page. Follow this link.

At Sweet Talk Stables we believe that a horse and rider should be properly matched. We also believe that you don’t “buy” a horse, you invest in it. The initial price of the horse is one of the smallest parts of that investment. It is a life long investment and should be taken very seriously. So if you do your homework like any good investment, you should get many years of great return on that investment. Therefore, at Sweet Talk Stables, we won’t “sell you a horse”. What we will do, is our best, to help you make an investment in the horse that you feel is right for you.

Monthly Horse Training Packages:

Sweet Talk Stables offers a variety of training packages through our trainiers. Please contact Joyce for latest prices.